Tis the beginning

Welcome! If you’re here, then you’re likely going to observe the neuroses required to let a bunch of crazy, opinionated characters have their way in various books and stories. I’ll do my best to keep them on track, but no promises. I like to write by the seat of my pants, and my characters like it that way, too.

I’m an unpublished writer, but that’s about to change. The first book in the Shifter War fantasy series, called Messenger, comes out in March 2017. To say I’m ecstatic is, well, kinda obvious. I adore my two leading men, Danil and Hafryn, as well as the wandering path they take while fighting the enemy. It’s the first of five books in the series, and I can’t wait to release them all into the world.

Hopefully, this grand endeavor will turn into a glorious swan dive into the world of full time authorship, as opposed to an epic fail of ‘wow-that-must-have-hurt-wait-is-that-blood!?!’ proportions.

We’ll see.

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