Randomised Inspiration

So much has happened since Messenger was published last month. Awesome, amazing happenings. It’s been pretty distracting, which hasn’t been so great for book 2 of the Shifter War.

Which is why I’ve been looking at a lot of wilderness images lately. Random things like fungi and lava and lightning and moss. I have them up on my screen as I write. Naturally, they’re showing up in the story, and it makes me want to look up obscure subjects just to see where my brain leads me.

That’s how I ended up on an image randomiser site (here). Some of the images really don’t fit the fantasy world of Roldaer and Amas, but others make me tilt my head and go ‘huh…’

I suspect my plotline for Book 2 is about to go awry.

But the book will be better for it 🙂

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