Redrafting: day one

I read the first draft of Visioner last night in bed. It’s both terrible and redeemable. So now there’s notes all over my whiteboard and desk, and I’ve got an excel sheet with a list of all of the big plot changes I’ve got to do (yep, I use excel…I’ve got scrivener, but for some reason spreadsheets do it for me).

One of the things I’ve realised is that I’ve accidentally moulded one of the new characters on my dog. When in his shifted Trueform, this character likes to sun its belly, chews on random items that aren’t necessarily meant for chewing, and runs with such joy and abandon that my heart goes ‘squee’. He doesn’t play a large part in the story, but he’s a sweet dude and I’m gonna keep him.

As for today’s writing sesh, well, has anyone ever been bitten by sandflies? I visited the parental units up the coast for the Easter weekend and have come back sporting (without exaggeration) over thirty sandfly bites. Even now, I’m sitting and scratching and complaining. First world problems, right?

Anyway, back to redrafting!

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