Update: the redraft

I really hold to the notion that your first ideas are generally not your best, particularly when it comes to creative projects. Which is why I have no hesitation when it comes to seismic redrafts.

My first drafts are always a mess. I never show them to anyone, because they’re rambling, nonsensical and unwieldy. My second draft is where things start to make sense, where I shed a large number of ideas from the first draft and insert new ones that work much better and leave me buzzing with happiness.

This time around, I’ve hit a snag. I’ve had a false start with the redraft, meaning that weeks of work are being put aside and I’m kinda/sorta starting over. Danil and Hafryn are taking over my life, but I love them so I really don’t mind. And the new ideas mean they’re getting into more mischief than ever.

I know I’ll hit my July publication deadline, but the pressure is on!

3 Replies to “Update: the redraft”

  1. Good luck of the revision process, I’m at that stage as well. I’m working full-time now so I have to squeeze time in during the evenings, but mostly on the weekends. It’s tough. 🙂


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