Embargos and puppies

I’m on a news embargo at the moment. Like many people, I’m struggling to understand the craziness of the world, what with right-wing crackpots as leaders, climate change deniers with too much power, and the continued decimation of human rights. So I’m going news-free for a few weeks (if I can control myself).

Hopefully this embargo can clear up some headspace for some pretty heavy redrafting in my near future. Visioner is coming along well but it still needs work, and uni starts up again in a few weeks. I’m feeling the time crunch.

To add to this, I’ve been a wee bit distracted lately by a new addition to the household. Horus is a mischievous pup who at five months is already bigger than Sheldon. They’re great friends, but wow are they rowdy together. Particularly under my desk, which for some reason is their designated place for play fighting.

Lucky they’re cute.


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