Visioner Update

I’ve had a number of people ask me when Visioner, Book 2 of the Shifter War, is coming out. I initially said (full of certainty and on a writer’s high) that it would be out this month. But it’ll be next month. Most likely mid-August. Sorry!

I’m disappointed with myself over the delay, but I’d rather get Visioner right than rush to meet an arbitrary deadline I set for myself. I love the story and how the relationship between Danil and Hafryn has grown, and I’m excited to send the book out into the world.

So bear with me folks. It’ll be out in 6 weeks!

On a different note, I managed almost two weeks of news-free life before I caved. We live in strange and confounding times, and two weeks can be a lifetime of missed knowledge. Although now I find myself back to sleepless nights and shaking my fist at the stars.

Time for some herbal tea, I think. And then back to writing!


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