Update and a little spiky dude

Hey everyone, hope this week is treating you well.

As an update, the first book in the new scifi series is ticking along nicely and we have tentatively picked the working title to be Horkso Hustle. The plan for the series is for each book to be essentially a standalone but with the same characters going from one misadventure to the next. Think Firefly w ith a lead female and slightly off-kilter droid.  It should be a lot of fun!  We’re hoping for it to be out in by the end of the year so stay tuned for a firm release date.

And Visioner is also coming together…slowly but surely. It’s admittedly taken longer than expected, but we’re super excited with how the new draft is progressing. You’ll start seeing more details in the coming weeks as we move closer to a set publication date. So bear with us…it’s coming!

IMG_9553In other news, one of us saw this little guy on the road while while at work today and simply had to turn around to check him out.  Was not aware that they will butt-jump at you if you get too close – note to self, don’t pet them as they are NOT miniature spiky puppies.  Who knew right?



2 Replies to “Update and a little spiky dude”

  1. What could be better? A twin who loves spotting nature, while the other one madly chases a dog, who just loves rolling in and if possible, eating dead things (nature has to offer and otherwise)! Makes for a truely imaginative and enjoyable pair of writers. I look forward to reading what both of these rising new authors have to offer.

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