Destroyer: Book Three of the Shifter War

Yep, we’re working on book three of Danil and Hafryn’s story! And we’re super pleased with how it’s coming together. While we can’t reveal too much of the storyline yet, we can give you an inkling—Danil and Hafryn must undertake a journey into Roldaer, face old and new enemies, and play their part in a prophecy that may destroy everything they hold dear.

It’ll be out in a few months…we’ll reveal a firm release date in the coming weeks.

As for Horkso Hustle (the first book in our new sci fi series), wow has it been fun to write! It’s a larger book than those in the Shifter War series, hence why it’s taking a little longer than we’d expected, but it’s filled with exploding ships, space pirates and a crazy battle cat with a few tricks hidden in her claws.

We’ll have a release date soon!

Thanks and apologies to all the folk who want to know what’s happening next in the Shifter War series. We admittedly don’t spend much time on social media, but we’ll strive for some sort of consistency from now on 🙂


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