The Twin Thing

As many of you probably already know, K K Ness is the pen name of identical twins living in Queensland, Australia. The official bio is here, and it really doesn’t say much about us.

In truth, we’ve been wondering for a while about how much we really want to say about ourselves and our authoring journeys. And we’ve decided we might as well be upfront.

The ‘K K’ stands for Kel and Kim. We’re in our thirties. One of us is unapologetically asexual, single and spends all her money on squeaky toys for her labrador; the other stumbled upon an upstanding guy for a husband and has a daughter who is already way cooler than any twin could ever be (she’s also in our author bio pic below). One of us recently went back to uni, got a social science degree and now writes full time; the other squeezes in writing time between family, shift work and finishing a degree in psychology.

Writing together under K K Ness is complicated. We’re both in different places in our lives and our experience as writers. Kel’s been writing fantasy since they were sixteen and also spent two decades torturing herself as a corporate writer, editor, and in communications. Kim’s a happy newb to the writing world, still finding her voice and excitedly discovering what ‘show, don’t tell’ means.

Together, we fumble around and make it work. But plenty of days are a hot mess, and that’s when the twin thing gets interesting.

Give us time and we’ll show you what we mean.

Kel and Kim


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  1. Rhonda says:

    The journey up hill is never easy but reaching the pinacle will be amazing. For both of you, you have and are still working really hard and juggling other things as well. The books are great and your stories lines will only get better. It’s a TWIN THING!

    Liked by 1 person

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