What’s up with Destroyer?

Kel here.

Destroyer is nearly done (we’ll announce the release date soon). The book is a much bigger adventure than Messenger and Visioner, which is really exciting but has also added a few grey assassins into my once perfectly auburn hair. I’ve been busy making a few plot changes with Kim by adding in an unexpected new enemy, and I have to say that collaboration rocks. There are days when I write myself into a wall but an offhand comment from Kim often sends me bouncing away from self-inflicted craziness.

That’s actually how Destroyer has come together—after throwing around many ideas with Kim, I’ve written the first draft (and the redraft and major redraft). Up next, Kim’s going to spend her uni break working on the larger edits before we work line-by-line together. For the latter, it helps that I’ve spent years as an editor, although most of that experience is in the dry corporate world (Kim points out I’d edit the lifeblood out of a character’s veins if given the chance).

There’s a number of weeks to go, but we’re on track and a wee bit in love with what Danil and Hafryn are getting up to in Destroyer.

As always, thanks for the support!

Kel and Kim

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