When good deadlines go bad

There’s been a lot happening for Kim and me. We’re motoring ahead with Destroyer and Horkso Hustle, with both novels in the post-feedback redrafting stages. We both gave sighs of relief that the feedback was pretty good (with changes needed, of course).

That said, here’s a wee story about what’s gone wrong lately.

Kim and I love plans (and checkpoints and daily targets and deadlines and all the office stationery and apps that go with them). When we create our plans, we tend to be over-ambitious and come up with deadlines not based on reality or our own capabilities.

We’d decided last month that July was the month that Destroyer was coming out. I ignored the fact that I’d just revised the plot and therefore needed to add about 30K new words (and then do the revision, redrafting and line edits those new words naturally require). We’d also decided that Horkso Hustle was coming out in August…ignoring that Kim works full time and has a full time load for the final semester of her psychology degree.

(Like Rapture, the mouthy droid in Horsko, would say: “Ain’t a cream in the universe that can fix that kind of dumb.”)

It’s taken quite a few days of flailing about for us to admit our deadlines aren’t realistic. In fact, our stupid, stressful deadlines were robbing us of the most important reason why K K Ness exists at all—our love of writing.

So, the result? Destroyer is now coming out in August (yippee!) and Horkso Hustle is gonna be here in the coming months.

Stick with us. We’re making mistakes, but we’re better people and writers because of them.

Kel and Kim


One Comment on “When good deadlines go bad

  1. Bummer girls. 😕 But………time allows for creativity to be expanded on and makes for a far better product in the end. With rushing comes mistakes. Perfection takes time. The two of you will be far happier taking your time and your fans will appreciate the effort all the more. 👍👌😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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