Dogs, Degrees & Destroyer

Just a quick update on how things are going.

Firstly, Destroyer is on schedule for release later this year. It’ll round out Danil and Hafryn’s personal storyline and give them a solid dose of HEA before we move on to other familiar (and new) characters for the rest of the series. I (Kel) am currently dictating a few new scenes and doing the redraft…and handing the book bit by bit over to Kim to scrutinize and edit.

Kim’s final semester of her psychology degree has started and she’s already feeling under the pump. I’ve got no idea how she manages to work full time, study full time, have fun and great relationships with her husband and daughter, work on Destroyer and also have Horkso Hustle bustling along…but somehow it all happens. The woman’s got drive.

As for me, I’ve been spending my downtime snuggling my puppy after he got sick and had minor surgery earlier this week. Sheldon might be recovered now but he’s demanding treats like he’ll never see tomorrow. Typical Labrador. Here he is soaking up life in the post-op bath.



Talk soon.

Kel & Kim

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