Freebies & Floofs

Kel here. Putting in the finishing edits for Destroyer has been more work than expected, but with 26 days to go before it’s out, I’m not worried. The additional scenes are really improving the flow of the book. And it’s the biggest book we’ve published so far (about 80K), so of course the final edits are going to demand more time and energy.

As for Messenger, we’ve got a one day only free promo happening today, so feel free to head over to Amazon to download your copy! It’s also the first time we’ve advertised a free promo, so we’re interested to see the results and whether it’ll help build momentum for the launch of Destroyer next month.

On a more personal note, Sheldon is recovering from haemorrhagic gastro (HGE). I won’t go into the details of what HGE entails, but anyone whose beloved floof has gone through it knows how horrific it is to see them so sick. Sheldon spent a few nights in puppy hospital and is now on the mend. It’s his third medical emergency since April, and he’s developing a worrying habit of turning minor ailments into life-threatening situations. But he’s cute and happy, loves his walks and treats, and gives the most beautiful nose boops, so I’ll just keep saving up for the next trip to the vet.

Kim’s in her final weeks of her psychology degree and she’s up to her eyeballs with assessments, full time work, family and me waving fistfuls of scenes under her nose. Pretty sure I’ve given her an eye twitch. But she’s the type of person who powers through epic amounts of deadlines and commitments, so she’s only cussed at me twice. I suspect she’ll sleep for a week once the degree’s done and then be hungry to write.

Speaking of…it’s back to editing for me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Kel & Kim

One Comment on “Freebies & Floofs

  1. Fab about the freebie girls. Shame l already have the book. Lol. Am really looking forward to the final in the series, and barring anymore disasters (fingers crossed) from both sides, all should go to plan. .Sheldon had just better eat all his greens. All the very best girls. Steady as you both go. Xoxo

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