Weekly update no.1: The beginning

Kim and I have decided to share our weekly progress on our projects – sort of as an accountability thing, but also because we want to share our successes and frustrations as we continue to grow as writers. At the moment, we’re working on two more books – one that’ll be ready for a December release, and one that’ll be out at the start of January.

Horkso Hustle

This is the first book in a fun, sci-fi adventure series set in the lawless Mayhem universe, and follows thief and pilot Elise as she and her friends travel from planet to planet stealing things they possibly shouldn’t, and getting tangled up in wee problems like world domination, interplanetary wars, killer droids and space pirates.

Horkso Hustle is in the redraft phase, with our goal for it to be out in early December, so this week saw Kim give it get some structural edits and scene-by-scene edits.

  • No. of scenes edited: 19
  • Editing word count: 31,263
The Last Knotbinder

The start of an epic fantasy series that follows a magician and a swordsman working to protect their adopted homeland, this book is in its infancy, with the outline and premise still yet to come fully into focus. That said, we know the story involves a magician who’s the last of his kind, a plot to kill dragons, and evil sorcerers hunting our protagonists.

Kel’s working on the first draft.

  • Outlining: approx. 20hrs
  • 1st draft scenes written: 1
  • Word count: 1,191

Next week, we’ll give you a better break down with what we’ve done each day and how the books are coming together.


Kel & Kim


  1. Rhonda says:

    Good to hear things are moving along girls. Writing each day is a very good thing. Stagnation is a killer. Keep at it, as success in your chosen careers is all up to you. Being positive and fighting for what you want out of life is all up to you. Just remember, nothing is easy in this life. You get knocked down, well you get up again with renewed energy, suck it up and get the hell on with it. NOTHING in this world comes for free or is easy. So keep your imaginative brains working and those fingers moving across your laptops and give us all you’ve got. Don’t disappoint me. Destroyer was the best and a great end to the Shifter War Trilogy . There is even better books to come from you both. Get to it girls.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. justkozz says:

    YES!!!! Awesome news gals! Can’t wait to see/hear/read and experience what’s in store. Big hugs xo

    Liked by 1 person

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