Update #2: Sick & Stressed

Our weekly roundup of our projects and lives (29th Oct to 4th Nov).

Kim & Horkso Hustle

Redrafting word count:
Mon: 5,210
Tues: 6,398
Wed: 4,912
Thurs: 6,574
Fri: 5,304
Sat: 6,652
Sun: 0
Weekly total: 35,050
Book total: Ugh, don’t look at me!

This week I worked on the first 30,000 words of Horkso Hustle. Sounds great, right? Hmmm, not so much. You see, I gave that section of the book to Kel at the beginning of the week and she pointed out something that I had missed. Apparently, I have an overwhelming desire to blow shit up at the end of each scene. I think it’s fun, she thinks it’s exhausting.

Needless to say, I’ve spent all week adding in some fun stuff to space out the explosions. It’s made the book better, but blown out my timeline. I had set myself the deadline of publishing Horkso on December 3rd for no other reason than ‘why not?’. The past week and next two weeks of rewriting doesn’t change that deadline, but it certainly ramps up my anxiety considering all the new work I have to do.

Anxiety is an old friend of mine, and she’s currently cosying herself up nicely on my shoulder to watch and comment on everything I do. She’s a bitch, in truth, but she’s also a teacher. She’s teaching me that when she gets really loud, that’s when I need to ignore her and do the work. And wow, is she noisy. She doesn’t like that I’m writing instead of watching Netflix. She doesn’t like that I’m not running to the first packet of biscuits that I can find. She doesn’t like that despite being tired from night shift, and not having had a break since finishing my degree, and having a family to take care of plus a hundred other excuses available at my fingertips, I’m still working towards my December 3rd goal.

I don’t think she’ll ever shut up, but I don’t think that matters, either.

Kel & The Last Knotbinder

First draft word count:
Mon: 2,120
Tues: 1,777
Wed: 1,535
Thurs: 0
Fri: 0
Sat: 0
Sun: 4,919
Weekly total: 10,352
Book total: 14,945

It’s been a struggle. Not only because I really don’t enjoy first drafts (redrafts are my one true love), but because I’ve had a wretched cold for the entire week. It’s been bad enough to haul me away from the laptop for three days running. I’ve even turned to the dreaded senega and ammonia cough syrup. Anyone had that before? The core ingredients include ammonium bicarbonate and camphor (the stuff they put in mothballs). I’ve been quaffing that syrup so much that I feel like I can cough and light a candle with the fumes.

I only started coming out of the cold-induced haze on Sunday, which is why my word count improved significantly that day. Hoping for a better week ahead, because I’m really happy with the story so far.

Kim & Kel



2 Comments on “Update #2: Sick & Stressed

  1. Can I just point out how freaking awesome you guys are? Just did it… that is all.


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