What’s happening with Warden of Storms

With every book I’ve completed so far, I reach this point where I feel like I’m never going to finish. Strangely, this is also the point where I’m much closer to the end than I realise. For each book in the Shifter War trilogy, I wallowed in the middle, thinking I had months of work ahead of me. But then I got a rush of inspiration and excitement and realisation that I was so close…and each book was done within weeks.

I feel like I’m there with Warden of Storms. The finish line feels out of my grasp, but I can taste it on the wind. It’s calling me.

I’d initially planned for Warden to be a standalone novel about a young woman, a lightning-struck griffin and a world ravaged by storms. Now, there’s a whole series clamouring in my head because I love these characters so much. I already know what I want to happen in books two and three. I’m hungry to write them.

But first, there’s Warden of Storms. It’s coming…


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