pre-order Cancelled

It’s been really hard to come to this point where I look myself in the eye and say that I can’t meet the self-imposed deadline I set for myself for The Last Knotbinder. So I’ve decided to cancel the pre-order.

For the lovely, amazing folk who have already bought the pre-order and are patiently waiting – I’m sorry, thank you, and I totally understand your disappointment. I didn’t come to this decision easily.

So why is it not coming together on time? There’s never a neat explanation. The book itself, I really love. I love the story and characters and the world I’ve built. And it’s all steadily coming together. It’s moved past the messy s*#tshow first draft and on to something pretty good, IMO.

Alas, life has its demands. I’ve just finished 14 weeks of full time placement for my Master of Social Work degree, and I’m gearing up to do my final 500hrs of placement, along with a few more subjects. I’ll be done with the degree by the end of July. Plus I’ve started a new community service job in the domestic violence field. The job means that I need to practice some genuine self care.

Writing should be part of that self care, but right now it isn’t. Instead, it’s this ticking clock that I think about in the middle of the night. I thought I could power through and meet my deadline, but I’m increasingly wondering why. Why turn something I love into something I dread? Why create my own pocket of misery…particularly when the world seems have that in spades already?

Do I feel like I’ve let people down? Big time.

Am I relieved to be cancelling the pre-order? Very much.

Is The Last Knotbinder going to see the light of day? Absolutely.

Again, really sorry that you’ve been waiting for this book, and now you’re going to have to wait longer. Bear with me. I’m working on it day by day.


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