Weekly update no.1: The beginning

Weekly update no.1: The beginning

At the moment, we’re working on two more books – one that’ll be ready for a December release, and one that’ll be out at the start of January.

The complete trilogy

The complete trilogy

It’s taken about eighteen months and A LOT of learning, but now the Shifter War trilogy is complete. Destroyer is live today on Amazon, and we feel both nervous about how it’ll be received, but also thrilled with the way it’s come together. Danil and Hafryn deserve a bit of peace and happiness after all […]

Destroyer – Chapter One

Destroyer is out! To say that we’re a wee bit puffed and chuffed is an understatement. Destroyer completes the Shifter War trilogy, along with  Danil and Hafryn’s story. They go through a lot in this book, but we think their struggles are worth it in the end 🙂 We figured you’d like to have a preview […]

Freebies & Floofs

Kel here. Putting in the finishing edits for Destroyer has been more work than expected, but with 26 days to go before it’s out, I’m not worried. The additional scenes are really improving the flow of the book. And it’s the biggest book we’ve published so far (about 80K), so of course the final edits […]

Destroyer has a release date!

12th October – it’s locked in! To say that we’re excited/terrified that Destroyer is coming out soon is an understatement, but we’re in the final edit stages and we can’t wait to share how the Shifter War trilogy draws to a epic close. Here’s the blurb: War is dawning and not even Danil’s growing abilities […]

Hydrotherapy for dogs

For almost a year, my labrador Sheldon has been having hydrotherapy to help manage his arthritis. Despite going for riverside walks every day, he’d suffered significant muscle loss due to his pain—he’d basically been walking funny in order to put less pressure on his hip joints, and in doing so wasn’t exercising the muscles the […]

Dogs, Degrees & Destroyer

Just a quick update on how things are going. Firstly, Destroyer is on schedule for release later this year. It’ll round out Danil and Hafryn’s personal storyline and give them a solid dose of HEA before we move on to other familiar (and new) characters for the rest of the series. I (Kel) am currently […]

When good deadlines go bad

There’s been a lot happening for Kim and me. We’re motoring ahead with Destroyer and Horkso Hustle, with both novels in the post-feedback redrafting stages. We both gave sighs of relief that the feedback was pretty good (with changes needed, of course). That said, here’s a wee story about what’s gone wrong lately. Kim and […]

Work, work, work

Kim here. The past week has seen the last pieces of uni assessment finished for the term. Thank goodness! I always seem to end the term wondering how on earth I survived the juggling act. This time, though, I’m super excited because I have five glorious weeks ahead of me that I can dedicate to […]

Horkso’s Hustling Along!

Kim here. I’ve been working my butt off on our space adventure novel Horkso Hustle for the past week after a considerable hiatus (at least, that’s what it feels like). I’d been giving myself permission to procrastinate by using a few trusted excuses: I’m on night shift at the moment, I’ve got uni assessment due, I’m […]