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What’s happening with Warden of Storms

With every book I’ve completed so far, I reach this point where I feel like I’m never going to finish. Strangely, this is also the point where I’m much closer to the end than I realise. For each book in the Shifter War trilogy,…

The Shifter War Trilogy

Super excited that the entire trilogy is complete and on sale as ebooks on Amazon, and print via multiple sites. Huge thanks to everyone who has read, rated and reviewed the books! I’ll be starting a new series in 2019, and have a few…

Destroyer – Chapter One

Destroyer is out!

To say that I’m a wee bit puffed and chuffed is an understatement. Destroyer completes the Shifter War trilogy, along with Danil and Hafryn’s story. They go through a lot in this book, but their struggles are worth it in the end 🙂

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