Update: the redraft

I really hold to the notion that your first ideas are generally not your best, particularly when it comes to creative projects. Which is why I have no hesitation when it comes to seismic redrafts.

My first drafts are always a mess. I never show them to anyone, because they’re rambling, nonsensical and unwieldy. My second draft is where things start to make sense, where I shed a large number of ideas from the first draft and insert new ones that work much better and leave me buzzing with happiness.

This time around, I’ve hit a snag. I’ve had a false start with the redraft, meaning that weeks of work are being put aside and I’m kinda/sorta starting over. Danil and Hafryn are taking over my life, but I love them so I really don’t mind. And the new ideas mean they’re getting into more mischief than ever.

I know I’ll hit my July publication deadline, but the pressure is on!

Pumped up pomodoro

It’s been a bit of a balancing act today between redrafting Visioner and working on a uni essay (I finish my degree at the end of the year and I have no idea what to do with it once I’m done – anyone else ever have that problem? Seriously, I’m in my thirties. I should have figured this out by now).

The one thing that has kept me on track has been the good ole pomodoro method. I do three sessions of redrafting before swapping to the essay. Admittedly, I can only do a 13min sesh before I fling myself from the desk seeking a 5min break. It’s been steady progress of 13min/5min, 13min/5min, 13min/5min and then swap (for hours). But progress is happening. Today’s redrafted scenes took an unexpected twist that will have interesting results later on, and the essay might eventually make sense.

Progress is progress!

As a side note, Messenger is on sale on the US Amazon site for $0.99 until Sunday. Huge thanks to the folk who have already taken advantage of the sale. And please give a review if you’re feeling inclined. We authors thrive on reviews 🙂

Meteor Shower

So the Lyrids meteor shower is happening at the moment, and despite the 23rd being the best night to check it out, I decided to set my alarm for 2am to catch a few falling stars.

I dragged out two deck chairs – one for me, one for my dog. It was a beautiful clear night, a little chill, and I was hopeful of seeing a few streaking lights between the gum trees. My dog and I snuggled under a shared blanket…and promptly fell asleep.

I’m sure the falling stars were beautiful.

Redrafting: day one

I read the first draft of Visioner last night in bed. It’s both terrible and redeemable. So now there’s notes all over my whiteboard and desk, and I’ve got an excel sheet with a list of all of the big plot changes I’ve got to do (yep, I use excel…I’ve got scrivener, but for some reason spreadsheets do it for me).

One of the things I’ve realised is that I’ve accidentally moulded one of the new characters on my dog. When in his shifted Trueform, this character likes to sun its belly, chews on random items that aren’t necessarily meant for chewing, and runs with such joy and abandon that my heart goes ‘squee’. He doesn’t play a large part in the story, but he’s a sweet dude and I’m gonna keep him.

As for today’s writing sesh, well, has anyone ever been bitten by sandflies? I visited the parental units up the coast for the Easter weekend and have come back sporting (without exaggeration) over thirty sandfly bites. Even now, I’m sitting and scratching and complaining. First world problems, right?

Anyway, back to redrafting!

I progress

The first draft of Book 2 of the Shifter War is done. It’s going to be called Visioner, and it introduces new characters and intrigue into a land that’s about to go into war. Danil and Hafryn have their work cut out for them!

The draft is at 38,000 words, but if my writing habits for this book is anything like they were for Messenger, the final draft will likely double in size. A trusted friend offered to read it, but it’s currently in the ugly growing pains stage (it burns my eyes to read it). And yet, I love this duckling, and am excited to see it out in the world in a few months once it’s grown into its feathers and bones.

Once again, thank you to everyone who read Messenger, along with all of you who have posted reviews. It means so much.

Randomised Inspiration

So much has happened since Messenger was published last month. Awesome, amazing happenings. It’s been pretty distracting, which hasn’t been so great for book 2 of the Shifter War.

Which is why I’ve been looking at a lot of wilderness images lately. Random things like fungi and lava and lightning and moss. I have them up on my screen as I write. Naturally, they’re showing up in the story, and it makes me want to look up obscure subjects just to see where my brain leads me.

That’s how I ended up on an image randomiser site (here). Some of the images really don’t fit the fantasy world of Roldaer and Amas, but others make me tilt my head and go ‘huh…’

I suspect my plotline for Book 2 is about to go awry.

But the book will be better for it 🙂