A new epic fantasy series

Possessing a rare magic that turns braids into powerful healings, Matteo is among the last of his kind. The Rhun invaders destroyed his homeland a decade ago, and now they send their feared death sorcerers to hunt any exiles dispersed within the surrounding kingdoms. Matteo is determined to fight back, but first he needs to finish his training, if only he can find another knotbinder to help him.

Kainon can talk to dragons—a handy skill in a land where peace between dragons and humans grows increasingly uncertain. But when he rescues a knotbinder from the dreaded Rhun, Kainon becomes entangled in a battle for survival that has been centuries in the making.

With Kainon’s help, Matteo seeks out the dragons for answers. The oldest among them holds the secret to where other knotbinders hide. Yet the price for dealing with dragons is high, and with the Rhun on their trail, Matteo could cause the very thing he fears most: the final destruction of the knotbinders.

The Shifter War Trilogy

Messenger: Book One of The Shifter War

Danil is a deadlands scavenger, his days spent searching a barren land for ancient battlefield relics and mage-crystals. When the brutal magi of Roldaer take over his village, Danil becomes the key to unleashing a powerful enemy set on plunging both kingdoms into war.

Desperate and on the run, he finds unexpected aid from the Amasian shapeshifters. Among them is Hafryn, an irreverent wolf shifter who fights to protect Danil with sword, tooth and claw. But safety with the shifters cannot last.

As the magi set their plans into motion, Danil and Hafryn must embark on a terrifying mission to a broken citadel where an ancient enemy awaits. Failure to stop the magi could cost them far more than their lives, but Danil soon discovers that courage and determination may not be enough…

Visioner: Book Two of The Shifter War

As the first ever human custodian, Danil is sworn to protect the strange new magic threading across the deadlands. But the armies of Roldaer are stirring, and when an assassin nearly takes his life, Danil sets out to win the aid of the Amasian High Council.

With Hafryn by his side, Danil discovers that allies are rarely what they seem. Intrigue and betrayal haunt their steps, and soon Danil and Hafryn must use all their wits to stay alive.

Meanwhile, a fearsome magic that has not been unleashed since the blackest days of the Great War is reawakened.   Using such magic could see Danil save the deadlands, or destroy it.

Destroyer: Book Three of The Shifter War

War is dawning and not even Danil’s growing abilities can stop a powerful dread lord from taking revenge.

Finding themselves deep within enemy territory, Danil and Hafryn soon discover a greater destiny awaits them – one that has its roots in the Great War.

With unexpected new companions, they must journey across Roldaer to halt the spread of a terrible curse. But the dread lord Kaul has plans to ensnare Danil and Hafryn. In the midst of a land being destroyed by those meant to rule it, Danil must use all of his wits to keep them safe. If he fails, he stands to lose not only Kailon and Amas…but also the wolf shifter he loves.