Pushing on

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Just a quick update, everyone.

A lot of headway is being made on both Visioner and Horkso Hustle, but we’re also a wee bit moody because study is trying to drag us from our keyboards.

Yep, in typical twin fashion, we’re both at uni working on our degrees (one of us is doing psychology, the other social science). There’s something fabulous about going back to school in your thirties…except when you’ve got characters getting up to mischief and all you want to do is make things go ‘boom’.

We’ve got a few sleepless nights ahead of us but we’re making it happen. Stay tuned! 🙂


Update and a little spiky dude

Hey everyone, hope this week is treating you well.

As an update, the first book in the new scifi series is ticking along nicely and we have tentatively picked the working title to be Horkso Hustle. The plan for the series is for each book to be essentially a standalone but with the same characters going from one misadventure to the next. Think Firefly w ith a lead female and slightly off-kilter droid.  It should be a lot of fun!  We’re hoping for it to be out in by the end of the year so stay tuned for a firm release date.

And Visioner is also coming together…slowly but surely. It’s admittedly taken longer than expected, but we’re super excited with how the new draft is progressing. You’ll start seeing more details in the coming weeks as we move closer to a set publication date. So bear with us…it’s coming!

IMG_9553In other news, one of us saw this little guy on the road while while at work today and simply had to turn around to check him out.  Was not aware that they will butt-jump at you if you get too close – note to self, don’t pet them as they are NOT miniature spiky puppies.  Who knew right?



K K Ness is having Twins!!

FullSizeRender (11)

Jokes – kind of…

We have some exciting news here at K K Ness in that the other half of the operation is finally coming on board!  By this we mean that K K Ness is no longer a single author, but in fact a pair of identical twins working on multiple creative works.

Big K has convinced Little K to write the stories that have been on her brainpan for years, and as such, watch this space for updates on her upcoming series about spaceborne treasure hunters.  As we go we’ll let you know what we’re up to, what inspires us and what amuses us.

We’re also big on competing against each other to see who can write the most, so watch this space. We’ve got at least two more books set to hit the shelves for 2017.


Visioner Update

I’ve had a number of people ask me when Visioner, Book 2 of the Shifter War, is coming out. I initially said (full of certainty and on a writer’s high) that it would be out this month. But it’ll be next month. Most likely mid-August. Sorry!

I’m disappointed with myself over the delay, but I’d rather get Visioner right than rush to meet an arbitrary deadline I set for myself. I love the story and how the relationship between Danil and Hafryn has grown, and I’m excited to send the book out into the world.

So bear with me folks. It’ll be out in 6 weeks!

On a different note, I managed almost two weeks of news-free life before I caved. We live in strange and confounding times, and two weeks can be a lifetime of missed knowledge. Although now I find myself back to sleepless nights and shaking my fist at the stars.

Time for some herbal tea, I think. And then back to writing!


Embargos and puppies

I’m on a news embargo at the moment. Like many people, I’m struggling to understand the craziness of the world, what with right-wing crackpots as leaders, climate change deniers with too much power, and the continued decimation of human rights. So I’m going news-free for a few weeks (if I can control myself).

Hopefully this embargo can clear up some headspace for some pretty heavy redrafting in my near future. Visioner is coming along well but it still needs work, and uni starts up again in a few weeks. I’m feeling the time crunch.

To add to this, I’ve been a wee bit distracted lately by a new addition to the household. Horus is a mischievous pup who at five months is already bigger than Sheldon. They’re great friends, but wow are they rowdy together. Particularly under my desk, which for some reason is their designated place for play fighting.

Lucky they’re cute.


Update: the redraft

I really hold to the notion that your first ideas are generally not your best, particularly when it comes to creative projects. Which is why I have no hesitation when it comes to seismic redrafts.

My first drafts are always a mess. I never show them to anyone, because they’re rambling, nonsensical and unwieldy. My second draft is where things start to make sense, where I shed a large number of ideas from the first draft and insert new ones that work much better and leave me buzzing with happiness.

This time around, I’ve hit a snag. I’ve had a false start with the redraft, meaning that weeks of work are being put aside and I’m kinda/sorta starting over. Danil and Hafryn are taking over my life, but I love them so I really don’t mind. And the new ideas mean they’re getting into more mischief than ever.

I know I’ll hit my July publication deadline, but the pressure is on!