Possessing a rare magic that turns braids into powerful enchantments, Tully is among the last of her kind. The Rhun invaders destroyed her people three summers ago, and now they send their feared death sorcerers to hunt down any exiles dispersed within the surrounding kingdoms. Tully is determined to fight back, but first she needs to finish her training – if only she can find another knotbinder.

Asena can talk to dragons – a handy skill in a land where dragons can barely abide the humans living among them. But when she fishes an injured girl from a stream, Asena becomes entangled in a battle for survival that has been centuries in the making.

With Asena’s help, Tully seeks out the dragons for answers. The oldest among them long foretold the downfall of Tully’s people, and now holds the secret to where they hide. But the price for dealing with dragons is high, and with the Rhun on her trail, Tully could cause the very thing she fears most: the final destruction of the knotbinders.

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